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targeted information rapidly and completely.


leading new information you didn’t know to ask for.


key strategic information and relationships leading to valuable action.
funnelgraphicVortexT® is a disruptive “Big Data Analytics” technology solution that cost-effectively transforms large volumes of raw, unstructured, textual data into valuable, actionable information at unparalleled processing speeds—requiring significantly less manpower and computer resources. VortexT is:
  • Based on a technology specifically developed to meet critical big data analytics challenges faced by the U.S. Government.
  • The “go-to” tool for analysts who need to evaluate large quantities of unstructured textual data across a multitude of formats—quickly, effectively, and efficiently.
  • The solution that can be delivered in a portable standalone kit or integrated into an enterprise system, in the cloud, or on a mobile device. VortexT can be fully operational and produce valuable results in a matter of hours.
Every aspect of VortexT is designed to improve the volume, speed, and accuracy of big data analysis while maximizing analyst efficiency.  Major areas of application include NATIONAL SECURITY, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, HEALTHCARE, BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT, and any situation where large volumes of textual data need to be quickly and thoroughly analyzed.